Saturday, April 25, 2015

Good evening all...
Life is good in the South...While parts of the country are still chilly we're getting ready for a nice thunderstorm, possible strong winds, and hail, yee-haw.

Been traveling, knitting, quilting, demonstrating treadling and preparing to pass some sewing machines along. Must narrow down the interest... the house isn't getting any bigger. A young lady and her husband are coming tomorrow to look over the offerings, I'm hoping that they'll leave with a goodly number of my children. 

I'll post some photos of what they take...

Happy 2015 and have a wonderful spring and summer.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Florida 2013 Block Exchange

 ( this image is four string piece blocks assembled in a large square )
Florida TOGA
Block Exchange
We’ll be doing String Pieced blocks for the block exchange this year. They are easy, all sewing levels can do them and they’ll make great looking quilts.

Here is a link to the tutorial for you to follow… (use her “string sizes” etc in making your blocks). Also check out the link that she references for additional assistance or ideas.

Now here is the fun part….
(specific guidelines or TOGA particulars)

Finished blocks are to be trimmed to 9.5 inches.

There should be a light color “string” in center of the block this is where we will sign our blocks when we arrive at the TOGA…
(look at tutorial above, for guidance)

There should be at least two tropical color or theme prints in each block.

If you can, put a selvage or “word fabric” in each block.

We’re estimating 20+ blocks for exchange.

Don’t have time to do them before hand???? Feel free to work on them at TOGA… they are quick.

If you have questions that I’ve not thought of, zip me an email…

Have fun….

The images below are from Google image search (String Pieced Quilt Blocks). The first three, like the one at the top of the page, are where four individual string pieced blocks have been set together. The individual block is the last photo.



Sunday, February 10, 2013

2012??? Where did it go???
I have no idea... I spent a great deal of it on the road... so I'll try to be better this year but that is only an idle thought, not a promise.
I've up dated my lists with the intentions of providing you photos of the the progress... lets see how well I do :)
Today is the New Year celebration on the other side of the world... may it be a great beginning to the rest of 2013

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

round casserole carrier

Here are instructions for making a round casserole carrier... enjoy. If you have questions or thoughts please leave me a comment. I have one more photo to add but this will get you started... K

Round Casserole Carrier

Needed materials

½ yard of per quilted cotton fabric (or make a rectangular quilted sandwich from 2 cotton fabrics ½ yard each and batting slightly wider and longer)

1-- package of 1 inch wide double fold bias tape (Wrights brand calls it Quilt Binding, stock number PC 706) or make your own bias tape… you will need 40 + inches

1 yard minimum of cord (shoe lace, rat tail ribbon, macramé cord etc ) to use as draw string

Thread to match fabrics

If you make your own quilt sandwich for the project you might find a jeans , top stitching, or other sewing machine needle handy for the thicker sewing.

Helpful tips…

Check these resources for some sewing basics that might make the bias tape sewing easier.


Good print tutorial on how to make bias tape (binding) as well as how to attach to various edges…

Casserole Carrier instructions…

1/4th seam allowance through out.

Making you template… for this project you will need a paper template that is a 17 wide circle; you can make this by any means you wish, compose, large bowl etc. From the center of the template cut a 7 inch circle, your template should now look like a large donut.

Handles… from the short end of your rectangular quilted sandwich cut two strips that are 3-1/2 inches wide. Pin with right sides together longwise and pin along the long edge. Stitch with a ¼ inch seam and turn right side out. (or use your favorite method to make handles). Press the handles so that the seam is in the center. Between the center seam and edge of the handle sew a line of stitches and do this to both sides of the seams. This will stabilize the handle a nd keep it from rolling. The side with the seam is now the down side and should end up facing the top of the carrier.

Main Body of Carrier… cut two 17 inch circles from your quilted rectangle

Top… fold the template in half so that it resembles a large “C“ and fold the circle for the top of the carrier so that it resembles a large “D“. Pin the template on top of the folded fabric circle so that the straight edges of the “C line up with the straight edge of the “D“, also check to make sure that the rounded edges match.

With your rotary cutter or scissors follow the inner edge of the “C“ template and cut out the 7 inch circle. This will be attached to the bottom of the carrier in a moment.

With the template still attached cut the 2 folded edges of the fabric circle circle. Remove the template, you will now have two fabric “C“.

Attach bias tape to the four short straight edges of the fabric “ C “s leaving a little extra tape at each end. After turning and sewing down the second side of the bias tape trim the ends to match the edges.

Attach bias tape to the curved edges of the “ C “ leaving at least one inch extra on each end, this will be turned to the inside of the tape before sewing it down to the back side… this will provide a finished end plus form the opening for the draw string casing.

Attaching the handles to the top pieces. Cut both of the handles the same length… to anywhere between 14-1/2 to 16-1/2 inches long. Try the shorter length first.

Each “ C “ gets a handle. Place it so that it lays parallel to the straight edges. Adjust the distance till you like what you see…. Anywhere from 2 inches from the two straight edge sections, to no more than 3 inches. Pin the handles in place and do a quick stay stitch (less than ¼ inch

from the curved edge).

Put the finished top pieces aside.


Take the 7 inch circle that was cut from the first quilted circle…. Use pinking shears to trim around the circle then place it in the center of remaining fabric circle. Either zig-zag around the edge once or straight stitch around the circle a couple of times there by finishing the edge as well as attaching it to the bottom circle. This marks the center of the bottom plus gives it an extra layer of cushion.


You now have two top pieces each with a handle and one circular bottom piece.

Place the bottom so that the small circle of fabric is down and place the top pieces so that the handles are touching the bottom circle, in other words the carriers outside pieces are on the inside. Through the hole in the center of the top pieces you might be able to the see the stitching that attached the small circle. Adjust the pieces so that everything is aligned correctly… the four straight edges of the two “C”s are just touching and the outside edges are equal. Pin in place then stitch around the outer edge several times… once at ¼ inch and maybe two times around slightly to the left of that. If your machine has a zig-zag run around the edge at least twice with a ¼ seam.

Turn your carrier right side out. The handles should be on the top. Run your hand around the inside along the sewn edge to ease out the shape.

Now using your favorite method run the cord through the bias tape casing that is around the curved edges… tie knots in the ends or attach beads etc to keep the ends from slipping back inside the casing. Do this to both casings… now you can tie a bow across the opening that exists between the two top halves…

To use your new carrier untie the bows and spread the top halves open to place you dish on the small circle on the bottom. Pull the strings tight and tie there by keeping the dish in place. This makes your casserole easier to carry but might still need stabilization while in transport to the party or dinner.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Coming Soon

Coming soon to a blog near you....

New postings and photos...

There is life going on in Georgia
Maybe too much :)

But I'll catch you up...

Monday, April 25, 2011

visit by EB

E.B. was busy with visitation on our street this Easter Holiday...

Our house got two visits...
On his first stop here he brought a brown handled paper bag with tasty candies (the chocolates are already gone), two balls of cotton yarn and the most darling card stitched up with a surprise inside... He had taken a vintage Easter postcard
with a backing stitched up the sides placing a beaded fob inside... I really hated cutting the end off to find out what was hidden in there.

E.B.'s second visit came early Saturday morning when this adorable Honey Bunny appeared... isn't he just the cutest thing. Since we didn't want this cute fellow to be appreciated by only us old folks we took him with us when we traveled down into the middle of the state for a birthday party for a one year old .. the kids were amazed when they saw him sitting on the serving table... he was a hit.

The third visit by E.B. was to the little girl up the street. This time he brought her a purse made of straw like material that looked like a little house. She found it hanging from her front door knob when she got home from the Easter Egg Hunt. Inside was an M&M egg and a wind-up chic. I hear it was a smash hit at Sunday School the next day :)

Forgotten bag

I've discovered one really good thing about cleaning... you rediscover things that you forgot you owned.

Years ago while attending as estate sale I found this lonely tote bag that no one was interesting in owning... it was just way too cute and home made, I HAD to have it.

The base of the tote appears to be a rectangular piece of fabric gathered and attached to the wooden circles that are on each side. The circles have drilled holes to accommodate the attaching. It is roomy and just too cute... Now that it is reclaimed I am thinking about turning it into a knitting bag.